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Human Resource

We provide recruitment services in large scale in East Asia, West Asia, Africa, South America and other important parts of the world or staffing solutions.
The main aim of staffing will be to get people with knowledge, skills and experience needed to work in vacant positions...



Starsight LLC  and Mathew & Associates Consultants India Pvt ltd  has been instrumental in extending critical support to clients,  the federal and defense agencies globally. We have given 100 % performance every time when it comes to from planning and design through


Construction Services


Starsight trading & contracting LLC and its parent company Mathew& Associates consultants India Pvt ltd ( M&A) is a leading provider of engineering, logistics and Human resources for public agencies, Government organizations , The Military and private sector organizations around the world. The Company offers a full range of solutions in the areas of Human resource management and operations, engineering procurement contracting and worldwide logistics. The company has the area of expertise in other fields like the facilities management, equipment and vehicles leasing and hiring, Professional technical maintenance and services. Starsight LLC & M&A has been able to successfully cater to the increased demands from various sectors in Government and private sector like the military, commercial enterprises, defense contracting companies and humanitarian organizations. Company  has business presence in UAE, QATAR, SAUDI ARABIA, KUWAIT, IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN, CAMBODIA, KENYA & INDIA.

Our features in construction work

  • Response to customer requirements within an agreed time frame
  • Plan proactive project reporting structure and communication
  • Meet project delivery schedules during all phases of project execution
  • No customer complaints
  • No Loss Time Incidence (LTI)
  • Involvement of employees to implement quality and safety aspects of contractual requirements.