Starsight LLC
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Human Resource

We provide recruitment services in large scale in East Asia, West Asia, Africa, South America and other important parts of the world or staffing solutions.
The main aim of staffing will be to get people with knowledge, skills and experience needed to work in vacant positions...


Construction Services

Starsight LLC  and M&A     is proud to announce that we had sumptuous face off when it comes to our construction challenges.

We have been proud to help our clients experience the rhythm that binds India together.




Starsight LLC  and Mathew & Associates Consultants India Pvt ltd  has been instrumental in extending critical support to clients,  the federal and defense agencies globally. We have given 100 % performance every time when it comes to from planning ,  Operations and maintenance to de-commissioning and closure in defense areas.    Military and government facilities

Starsight -M&A   has supported the government facilities and programs globally and  work has included in managing the multiphase remediation and environmental restoration programs at military facilities worldwide. We are proud to announce that we have successfully discarded and defused the hazardous waste and military munitions.

Disaster management

We are sure that natural disasters will strike fast and unexpected and we have a disaster management scheme that would get into act without any delay and breakups. We make sure that we reduce or keep the damages after a disaster to minimum and we have been efficient in carrying out the rescue operations.