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Human Resource

We provide recruitment services in large scale in East Asia, West Asia, Africa, South America and other important parts of the world or staffing solutions.
The main aim of staffing will be to get people with knowledge, skills and experience needed to work in vacant positions...



Starsight LLC  and Mathew & Associates Consultants India Pvt ltd  has been instrumental in extending critical support to clients,  the federal and defense agencies globally. We have given 100 % performance every time when it comes to from planning and design through


Modernization of Infrastructure


Starsight -M&A  have been professional enough to extend services to clients globally in infrastructure management. Our Company    has a world class resource thanks to our excellent ability to tap and retain vast pool of talent professionals in our side. We have been able to meet and support the government, military and humanitarian initiatives and we have been able to meet the client needs through this support.

Our role has been varied from planner, architect, engineer, general contractor, and program and construction manager in infrastructure projects. Our role has been not limited to completion and handing over of projects but also provide operations and maintenance support when a project has been completed. Our range of  services  help clients address complex infrastructure challenges globally and services are not limited to any particular area.