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Human Resource

We provide recruitment services in large scale in East Asia, West Asia, Africa, South America and other important parts of the world or staffing solutions.
The main aim of staffing will be to get people with knowledge, skills and experience needed to work in vacant positions...



Starsight LLC  and Mathew & Associates Consultants India Pvt ltd  has been instrumental in extending critical support to clients,  the federal and defense agencies globally. We have given 100 % performance every time when it comes to from planning and design through


Modernization of Infrastructure


A crucial first step in every investment strategy is to ensure proper diversification, not only within the property portfolio but against other investments. We work closely with our clients in order to assess the risk profile, income yield requirements and the short and long term investment horizon. Accordingly, we then take the next step in proceeding to source properties that most closely match the client\\\'s portfolio potential. Through the wide selection of for-sale properties  on our existing database as well as a wide network of developers, property owners, bankers, lawyers, financial and other professional consultants,in UAE,HONGKONG,MALASYA&SINGAPORE. We are able to secure a number of real estate investment opportunities for our clients. The investments consist of Primary and Secondary developments in the residential and commercial sectors Our professional leasing/Renting  consultants will work with you to lease Investment  properties to suitable tenants, corporate or individual, at optimum rental levels to earn yearly yield of 7-8% from the investment  We advise you on the best options of managing your entire properties  thus giving you the peace of mind of knowing your rents are collected, the property is generating appropriate income within one market range.