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Human Resource

We provide recruitment services in large scale in East Asia, West Asia, Africa, South America and other important parts of the world or staffing solutions.
The main aim of staffing will be to get people with knowledge, skills and experience needed to work in vacant positions...


Constcution Services

Starsight LLC  and M&A     is proud to announce that we had sumptuous face off when it comes to our construction challenges.

We have been proud to help our clients experience the rhythm that binds India together.


Financial Services ,Payroll Management Services


You Run the Business, we Power the Payments

Starsight Trading Ltd,  provides Financial  serrvices , payroll management , Collections , Payment services & Contract payment services world wide .

We offer collection and payment processing services to countries where contract service companies dont have registered offices or banking operations. We also provide such services to clients in remote locations in Afghanistan, Iraq ,Vietnam, Cambodia , Eastern Europe, Africa and western Asia.

Collections & Payment services

Starsight Trading Ltd has an international presence. We collect payments from clients in different countries and transfer electronic funds to the bank accounts of their respective employees, sub contractors and suppliers all over world (except for CIS and USA/UN sanctioned countries)

Clients will directly transfer funds to the account designated by Starsight for such purposes and we will ensure timely wire transfers to the concerned parties (employees, sub contractors and suppliers ) in any location through Bank, as per the instructions of the client.

Starsight clientele include prominent American Defense contracting companies with diverse work force from South American, African and Asian countries, Renowned Engineering Consultants, IT companies, Importers and Exporters & Human resources Hiring & management companies.

We also cater to Medical companies that have Projects in remote areas of the world.

Payroll obligations in an effective manner while allowing Companies to focus Their time and energy where it should be, on managing business. Payroll Management understands the need for small and midsize businesses to have flexibility. While many of the large national payroll companies offer a one­size­fits­all plan, Starsight offers custom reports and is flexible to unique needs.